Marketing Research Strategies Customer Journey Mapping/Path to Purchase

What We Do

Customer Journey Mapping/Path to Purchase

What is “the journey” your customers take to engage with you?

We map this customer journey, or path-to-purchase, according to the discrete steps customers take in the process.

  • Assessing all the objective interactions customers encounter in their journey - - what are the triggers, timing, research, resources, influencers and guidance they use or engage with for each step?
  • And along the way, what are the subjective qualifiers - - the emotions, feelings, motivations and barriers they experience as they navigate this journey?

Understanding this holistic customer experience will help you to design a process that differentiates you from your competitors and builds loyalty with your customers.

We typically use a hybrid approach for journey mapping: in-depth ethnographic qualitative research/shop-alongs, followed by broader quantitative to project the path-to-purchase and determine what specific journeys might exist for various customer segments / persona types.