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Product Optimization

Product Optimization: Now that your idea is formed, how should it be fine tuned to take to market? And then, how will it perform?

We’ll now move the product or service concept testing to a quantitative platform, honing and optimizing to arrive at a final market-ready version. And we can also simulate how it might actually perform in the market.

This research will…

  • Help to prioritize features – which are most important in the offering and would most get people to take action?
  • Prescribe ideal combinations of features / feature sets – what is the ideal product or service configuration?
  • Identify if the configuration varies by different customer segments. What do your ideal/high priority customers want?
  • Determine how the configured product or service will perform in the market. What kind of shares/revenue could you expect?

As always, the exact design and depth of this research will be driven by your needs and budget.