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Linda Sikora

Linda Sikora

Linda Sikora, CEO

Linda Sikora has extensive experience conducting research for many blue chip national brands in the tech, consumer goods, service, financial and non-profit sectors. Linda founded Sikora & Associates in 2006, after having spent her career in executive roles building and managing market research departments for multiple companies on the corporate and supplier sides.

It all started with a simple question, “Why”? Why do people believe what they do and act the way they do? From there, Linda pursued a BA in Industrial Organizational Psychology and an MA in Consumer Research learning how to answer those questions, spawning a career with a 20+-year portfolio of success driving research initiatives for clients and organizations across diverse industries.

Linda is a research connoisseur, skilled in myriad methodologies. But these skills are balanced against a common sense approach to getting actionable answers to business problems. She’s been on both sides and can readily put her “client hat” on.

Linda is an avid sports fan, and as a Seattle resident, she can frequently be found at Seahawks, Mariners or Sounders games!